Retake Solidarity

Supporting our wider community by showing our solidarity means making the undeniable connection between urban regeneration and human restoration.
It’s not enough to work toward renewing our cities as a core value, it comes part and parcel to helping those in need not just survive, but thrive.

Forming the foundation of all of Retake initiatives is the notion that the most important common good we have is taking care of our communities. And that includes everyone.
A community that loves and respects the places where people live and work looks to take care and maintain them as vibrant parts of a society. After all, our cities are our common home; places where no one should be left out. They’re places where everyone should be given the same opportunities to grow and thrive. Beauty and harmony of public spaces go hand in hand – And it’s by showing a wholly new kind of solidarity between persons we can make a difference: by joining hands and working together to give mutually beneficial support.
Retake works across a wide ranging field of programs that promote solidariety in a variety of ways. We get involved with associations, local institutions, residents, businesses and of course, those who may need the most help. Whether they are new arrivals or people in need, our fellow residents may find themselves living in extreme conditions. Through Retake, we bring opportunities for social aggregation and a path forward for reintegration and support.

Through our combined efforts with other volunteer associations, we have delivered boxes of basic food and necessities to those less fortunate. Today, we work tirelessly to improve the public areas that people frequent, providing assistance and striving for them to get a second chance at being a contributing member of society who thrives.

You can help out as an individual or join our efforts as an association. Propose your ideas and initiatives or hear more about our programs underway. We all can use a helping hand!
Write to – and you’ll receive a warm welcome!