Retake Scuole

School is not just books and studies. Through Retake, education becomes a hands-on process where kids can make a huge difference

Retake Schools was born with the goal of influencing up and coming generations of kids in the benefits of taking solid action thru community service. Showing students the value of our public property goes far in attempting to overcome the more typical response of passively waiting for others to offer solutions to problems concerning the community at large.
Through both in-class or schoolwide events, the school is transformed into a place where students learn to work with one another, show mutual respect, and develop essential life skills such as teamwork in planning, sharing tasks and taking ownership of roles and responsibilities, while getting to know one another better and learning to handle each person’s unique traits and abilities that make up the dynamic student body.
Under the tutelage of teaching staff, students learn to take a good, hard look at their surroundings – and then decide how they want to get involved and do something concrete for the benefit of everyone, based on their specific project.
Schools can take a simple action and organize their own Retakes just by following our guidelines. We can bring a vast amount of experience and assistance to guide you every step of the way in turning your school into a place where civic pride is encouraged – and rewarded.

To see how your school can get started, write to: or call us at +39 06.6937.4362 • Wednesdays from 9 – 13 and Fridays from 14 – 18.


Imparare a fare la raccolta differenziata

Le Olimpiadi retake hanno come obiettivo quello di contribuire a formare le nuove generazioni ai principi di una cittadinanza solidale e consapevole del valore dei beni comuni messi a disposizione di tutti. Si tratta di vari giochi pensati per mettere alla prova i bambini ed i ragazzi, che imparano facilmente, divertendosi, le regole dell’ambiente, i tempi di degradazione dei rifiuti, fare la corretta differenziata, cooperare insieme sviluppando l’empowerment, la creatività e soprattutto a rispettare gli altri e l’ambiente circostante.