Retake Companies

Local businesses put their best foot forward in taking care of our city spaces and in promoting environments

Companies are the main drivers when it comes to promoting proper business practices, including the beauty of a vibrant urban environment – all factors that enhance their own competitiveness and the places in which they do business.

Retake works together with companies to create custom events that reinforces companies’ showing their solidarity through cultural initiatives, powers corporate citizenship and creates a hub for community organizing while instilling civic pride in employees and the community at large.

Our collaboration with companies means lending our Retake expertise for employee Cleanups – expressly geared toward special company volunteer initiatives or team building experiences that carry a tangible social impact.

Each Retake event stimulates creativity, forges bonds between company executives and staff members, and enhances skills such as listening, empathy, problem solving and project management. Participants leave their Retakes with greater positive energy and the lasting knowledge of being part of a virtuous circle; one that has cascading effects on the areas where employees live and work.

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