Recycle and Reuse

Retake embraces the circular economy, with all retakers looking to stimulate our fellow citizens in taking an active role in sustainable growth. And that means making sure we put our resources and refuse to good use – with zero tolerance for waste.

When it comes to taking care of our cities, we want to make sure we take care of our waste, too: reducing it, recycling it and re-using it. Together, we can make a concerted effort to improve our planet and put a halt to our throw-away habits.

Retake launched its hugely successful “Re-use and Recycle” program to upcycle used gym shoes, something that kids of all ages can get involved in – and feel good knowing that they’ve made a small but precious contribution to improving the lives of others.

Used tennis shoes get cleaned and donated to those in need, or, the rubber gets repurposed by transforming our old shoes into playground landing pads or sports fields. All this happens and more thanks to the activism of kids and their parents all across the country.

Since 2018, Retake has collected an enormous quantity of used shoes, opening even more drop-off points across the Boot. Each year, 1000 pairs of shoes get donated to persons in need and over a ton of shoes in bad shape get recycled and given a new life at a playground. In fact, in 2021, the upcycled spongy playground padding was installed at Betty’s Garden in Rome.

Got some old shoes collecting dust in your closet?
Find a Retake drop-off point nearest you or contact our Facebook Group  “Retake – riuso e riciclo” to get involved.

Or, make a donation so we can make more shock-absorbing padding for playgrounds!

Check the following map to see if there are any collection points (shown in light blue) in your area, or at a point within your reach.