Made in Retake

Rethinking public spaces is a core strategy when looking to repurpose our city places.

“Made in Retake”?

Made in Retake is a program where citizens re-plan and repurpose public spaces so that they really serve their communities.
The goal of Made in Retake projects is to conduct requalification interventions by rethinking how we’re making use of public squares or sidewalks and then taking concise, collective action toward implementing strategies that directly respond to residents’ needs. In short, we engage with our communities to provide concrete solutions through teamwork, planning and implementation.

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Our Mission

Re-envisioning and redesigning our public spaces to impact the quality of urban life, by rendering them more livable, attractive and as a means for social interaction. More welcoming public areas mean more lively neighborhoods, which in turn improves the local economy and livelihoods as well.

What we do

We propose small-scale urban interventions in concert with local authorities, private businesses and other local neighborhood associations.

  • Renew areas to bring about social regeneration
  • Trasform places taken over by parking areas into social spots
  • Breathe new life into squares and parks by adding greenery, and ensuring their proper care
  • Paint public murals and repaint playgrounds using eco-friendly – smog catching – paint
  • Organize homemade building projects to provide useful seating in piazzas and along sidewalks
  • Co-design projects with residents included in a participatory process involving key stakeholders, instead of waiting for top-down initiatives
  • Ensure pedestrians are main focus by studying mobility and safety prior to submitting a proposal to local city officials

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