The Foundation

Retake is the most widespread association today active in taking care of the common goods.

It’s a grass-roots citizen movement – not-for-profit and non-partisan –promoting beauty, long term viability and urban regeneration by encouraging the diffusion of civic pride and the notion that each and every resident can take personal responsibility and contribute to the civic and economic growth of all of Italy.

Our work consists of a number of different civic action events, educational programs and public-private partnerships centered around respect for and care of towns and cities and within a number of social contexts, all framed around the principle of a flat social organization or subsidiarity.

Retake’s extensive reach takes place in public areas – streets and squares, green spaces, beaches and buildings alike. It’s here where Retake activates a number of projects and initiatives such as:

improving and beautifying urban surroundings thru direct citizen action committees

designing and implementing structural innovation projects

forging social bonds

delivering civics education to city residents, especially our youth

raising awareness and involvement by public agencies, private organizations and businesses.

In tandem with its citizen cleanups out in the streets, Retake takes an active role in the public debate surrounding sustainable development of our cities, on making most of the public goods, and on the active participation of the citizenry to advance service efficiencies.

Retake Goals

Retake develops initiatives and programs aimed at the sustainable growth of cities, primarily through recouping, enhancing and innovating public spaces, through the active participation of all components of our society: Governmental agencies, institutions, businesses, and other non-profit organizations.

It’s in this vein that Retake looks to: bring people together to re-appropriate public spaces, teach people to know the history of a city and start re-writing it, breathe new life into the cultural heritage of places, show people how to recognize beauty, and ultimately, reinforce a sense of belonging.

Territorial competitiveness

Raising awareness and care for the city through events centered on recouping iconic places alongside appropriate city agencies involved

Community enhancement

Conducting civics education programs directed at city youth, raising awareness on proper trash disposal, working with local associations, involving local businesses in improving and tending to their neighborhoods

Social Innovation

Working with businesses to re-design city spaces in support of sustainable initiatives by companies

Urban renewal

We operate through the coordination of civic mobilization events, educational programs and partnerships…


Over the years we have signed agreements with municipalities and other offices we interface with…


To preserve and promote on an ongoing basis the tremendous value and social impact of every cultural program…