CoAC – Commission on Arts & Culture

To preserve and promote the immense value and social impact of each arts & culture project we undertake (public works, street art and more), Retake has instituted CoAC, an interdisciplinary Commission that acts as a Review Board for new proposals, generated both internally or in partnership with other entities, on an ongoing basis.

CoAC is comprised of a President of the Commission and six qualified members committed to a five-year term with the possibility of automatic renewal. Arts & Culture are for all. This means calling for a certain level of professionalism in public art proposals and responding to a sound visual design whose end result, both form and content, shall serve to profoundly and positively impact the area and lives of the persons where it is found.

Care and Culture are the twin tracks upon which Retake runs. The CoAC Commission aims to enhance the merit, the significance and the communal features of each project through collective participation aimed at the good of the entire community.

To achieve these goals, however, each and every project having to do with cultural and artistic themes must be taken under insightful consideration by the Retake CoAC Board, who will evaluate it in terms of both quality and feasibility, and articulating its purpose and seeing it through to realization while also undertaking new projects going forward.


• Barbara Martusciello – historian and art critic – co-founder and editor-in-chief of artapartofcult(ure)
• Stefano Disegni – satirical designer – television screenplay writer – journalist – musician
• Donato Di Pelino – lawyer specialized in copyright law
• Lorenzo Imbesi – architect, professor at Rome’s Sapienza University – director of Sapienza Design Research department
• Anna Mercurio – designer and lecturer on basic design at Quasar University of Rome
• Flavia Rossi – photographer
• Stefano Paolillo – psychologist