Since 2009 Retake has engaged in collaborating with and raising awareness amongst each city administration in office on a continuous basis. This stems from the strong conviction that an active citizenry together with governmental agencies are two spokes in the wheel driving the achievement of mutually beneficial results.

Over the years, Retake has signed agreements with various municipalities and their agencies responsible for maintaining our cities to facilitate volunteer initiatives and reinforce the impact of our work on the community at large.

We consider an essential part of our activity is that of stimulating citizen and national debate on the enhancement of the common good, which starts with involving institutions and associations as our principle interlocutors for the care of our cities.

Through our community activism in the pursuit of promoting our core values and carrying out our mission, we have garnered the active participation of the international community as well, including: the European Commission and the embassies of the United States, Japan, Estonia, Canada, Australia, Philippines and Romania.